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A Special Request by ~KimmitheHealer on deviantART



  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Sailor Moon OSTs
  • Reading: every manga existent!
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  • Drinking: Hmm....possibly water.
Well,since it has to be done,here’s my very first Care Costums:

Ladies and the Outer Cousins!!

Number 1: Bold Heart wolf
Gender: male

Grnder: male

Color: grey with brown eyes

Tummy simbol: four heart with different colors(grey,black,blue and red)tied together with a’’up,down,up,down’’pattern and with a giant beam sword behind them.

Personality: a very wise and protective leader,BH is extremely loyal toward his family,so much that he would die instead of see them suffer.He’s very agile and can also use the area around him at his own advantage during a battle.Despite his fearless being,he can also be very kind and likes to lying down a ground full of flowers and play his flute in the moonlight.Oh and he is in love with Gentle Heart :love:.

Number 2: Strong Heart buffalo

Gender: male

Color: black with purple horns

Tummy simbol: a big rock with a heart-shaped diamond at the center of it.

Personality:SH is a BIG guy!While the other bears and cousins are 3-4 feet tall SH is almost 12 feet,made him the most big of all.He have also a very big chest and his shoulders and arms are very muscolar.Plus,he’s the strongest in phisycall ability,even more than Lotsa heart(which have a kind of rivalry with her).Despite this,he’s really calm and kind.He likes both medidating in extreme silence and yet he’s really patiente and talkative,even with kids.He just have one weak point: the tickling :D!

Number 3: Biting Heart Dobermann

Gender: female

Color: red with brown ears and muzzle

Tummy simbol: a heart spoiled by scratches and with a red thunder behind it.

Personality: BH is the most fierce-looking of the outer cousins.Her appearence make almost everyone shake in fear.Despite this she have a very kind and mischievous personality and likes a lot laughing and make everyone fell better.Her strongest weapon are the teeth,which she also use to raise heavy objects.She have a kind of love relation with Loyal Heart.

Number 4: Dash Heart Cheeta

Gender: female

Colour: blue with brownish spots all over the body

Tummy symbol: a heart with wheels dashing with high speed.

Personality: she’s the youngest of the outer cousins.She’s verry self-appointed and tomboyish,despite the fact that she’s still learning.She’s incredibly fast and with full power she can even surpass the speed of light.She’s a big rival for Swift Heart and of them wants to be the fastest.


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